Tiny Homes Chicago

Location: Chicago, IL

Project scope of work: In an effort to eliminate teen homelessness in the city of Chicago, several organizations asked for tiny home design concepts through the form of a competition and Block Rhythm was our entry for addressing this issue. Block Rhythm takes the approach that tiny homes don’t have to look or be mobile to be accessible and functional. Placed on a slab-on-grade foundation system, each unit has a footprint of only 294 SF. The systems have been selected to utilize minimal resources and some have dual purposes. In this climate, heating is the most critical concern for occupant comfort. The implementation of a tankless water heater will not only provide hot water to the fixtures but also supply the hot water required for the radiant in-slab heating system. For cooling, residents will be able to simply open their windows. As for regular ventilation, an energy recovery system will be incorporated to automatically refresh indoor air at set intervals.


Conceptual Renders provided by Gregory Ramón Design Studio Inc.