CODA Coffee

Location: Denver International Airport; Denver, CO
Client: CODA Coffee Company

Project scope of work: The design for this roughly 795 SF space was a part of an RFP response to make use of one of several locations within the Great Hall currently undergoing a major renovation at Denver International Airport. Establishing a CODA Coffee shop within the airport would provide patrons an opportunity to experience a unique local brand without ever leaving the airport.   

The design of the entrance into the space, as well as the decorative elements at the counter and merchandising station, were inspired by the undulation of the Rocky Mountains. The abstract nature of the design’s reference to the mountains provides an opportunity for the millions of daily airport patrons to have their own unique experience related to the look and feel of the space. The location of this space helps emphasize the artistic nature of the storefront’s facade by allowing it to seamlessly flow around the curved corner and create the appearance of a continuous, uninterrupted flow, very similar to the mountain range when viewed from a distance. 


Conceptual Renders provided by Gregory Ramón Design Studio Inc.