State of TN BIM Standards

Client: State of Tennessee

This was a multi-year project to develop and assist implementing BIM / COBie documentation requirements to help the state better manage their buildings, primarily spaces and equipment. One of the overall goals of the BIM Standards was to have the design and construction teams gather and load pertinent information about products and equipment typically needed by facilities management personnel during the operations phase. The information could then be exported from the BIM in a standardized, computable format for ease of loading into an Owner's Computerized Content Management Systems (CCMS). Key roles by Gregory Williams included support in identifying important information to capture in the BIM for use by FM personnel. Williams also led the research and testing efforts to understand how the BIM requirements could be implemented utilizing current BIM authoring software to achieve the expected outcome. Other key efforts included: identifying and checking requirements for custom validation software to conform COBie deliverables to TN BIM requirements, and providing BIM support for pilot projects. In addition, Williams developed specialized training materials, both video and written, for the State of TN’s project managers' use in reviewing BIMs submitted by project teams.

Note: Work related to this project was completed while employed at Kristine Fallon Associates.